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Texo Designs Learning Toys toy sets are perfect for kids who like building things!  See our selection below.
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Texo Designs Learning Toys toy system provides excellent learning skills and lots of fun play time for your child.

Children start learning from the minute they are born, and they learn through play. Learning toys play a vital role in your child's learning and growth during their early years of life.

Educational toys will ignite your child's interest and boost their self esteem. Different sizes, shapes and colors are helpful in stimulating the senses of your child.

A particular task in the process of learning for children is achieved by very carefully designing and developing learning toys. It is important to also carefully choose toys for your child.

Lester Walker is the award winning architect, author and designer of Texo Designs Learning Toys. He has made a variety of building systems in one toy.

Texo Designs Learning Toys is a 3 dimensional design and construction system. Your child can start on a basic level by making simple puzzles, shape sorting and color matching. He or she can then progress to stacking and connecting bigger things like houses, bridges, skyscrapers, animals and more.

Texo Designs Learning Toys uses open-ended rods, planks and connectors which fit together simply. Your child will become construction pros and be happily occupied for hours!

Children have unlimited imagination potential with Texo Designs Learning Toys plastic rods, solid wood planks and precision molded plastic connectors.

Not only will your child be having hours of fun, he/she will be learning motor skills and imaginative construction. Any involvement you have playing along will also strengthen your relationship with your child. The sky's the limit!