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PowerClix Learning Toys

The PowerClix Learning Toys are an open-ended magnetic construction toy with an easy click and connect system. Fun for kids!

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The PowerClix Learning Toys are 2D and 3D construction toys. They let kids explore and build endless models of vehicles, houses, animals, bridges, skyscrapers, geometric designs and more. A child's creative mind can fantasize and then build anything they want to.

The PowerClix Learning Toys are a construction toy with an easy click and connect system. The powerful magnetic force never repels any of the pieces so the connecting is easy, simple and fast. All the sets are designed to work in conjunction with each other. This gives the imagination limitless opportunities to create models.

There are many toy sets available on the market today. However the PowerClix Learning Toys are in the STEM category. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. They allow and give children the ability to learn in a positive way while sparking their interest in learning in these areas that other toys can't and won't do. It's important for parents, teachers and caregivers to have STEM toys available for children's education. They will give children a jump start in their school years to come.

The PowerClix Learning Toys come in many different kinds. There are futuristic Mech sets. Children can build and create a fantastic array of creatures with the 2nd Generation toy sets. They come with protective systems to help explore the galaxy! A child's imagination can build an endless number of models with the new click-clip-create pieces. There is a Build Guide to help fuel their inspiration.

Other PowerClix Learning Toys come in sets of Creative, Solids, Organics and Frames. Each set is unique in design and interlocks with each other. There are solid translucent plastic pieces, open frames, organic shapes and all are colorful and attention getting. A Creativity Guide is included.

Children will develop many skills while playing with our PowerClix Learning Toys. These include spatial concepts, fine-motor skills, social skills, asymmetrical thinking, exploring solid geometry and understanding mass and volume. All this while having fun playing!

The PowerClix Learning Toys are the winner of the 2015 top toy Awards-Oppenheim Platinum and SNAP (Special Needs) Awards and 2015 Parents’ Choice top Gold Award and winner of The National Parenting Center seal of Approval.