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Grippies Learning Toys

Grippies Learning Toys are a great beginners building toy set.  The magnets make them easy to handle for toddlers and will help develop many important skills.  Shop Grippies Learning Toys today!
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Our Grippies Learning Toys are STEM toddler building toys. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. This type of toy helps a child learn while sparking an interest in these areas that other toys won't do. With these toys, parents provide a positive impact on their children's education. Caregivers and schools should have these types of toys available for interacting with children.

Our Grippies Learning Toys help parents sort through the abundant amount of options available for children in the toy markets of today. These toys will help stimulate children to be creative and to engineer all kinds of geometric shapes.

Once children start playing with the Grippies Learning Toys, they will be able to start interacting and designing on their own. They can progress at their own pace while having a feeling of accomplishment and pride in their creations. All this while having lots of fun! This is a great confidence builder for them!

Parents can also consider our Grippies Learning Toys as a good toy to take for their children while traveling on vacation or short trips. They will occupy and entertain their children while traveling. After reaching their destination, the toys can be played with inside, and some outside. And a group of children can play with them together helping them learn social skills.

Our Grippies Learning Toys will set a strong educational foundation for children which will give them a head start for the up-coming school years. This is very important, because young minds absorb a lot of information.

The Grippies Learning Toys help develop skills in children. These include tactile exploration, magnetic play, an introduction to the basic principles of engineering and geometry. The pieces are colorful, soft textured, over-sized for easy handling and attach together easily.